Playing With Fire
Don't deny yourself pleasure today because of what you don't yet know about the future. Play with fire.

Jack Davey Did it Before Cassie!

J Davey 3

Jack Davey shaved the sides of her hair long before Cassie!

I just have to vent about this. As a long time follower of the group J*Davey whose lead singer goes by the name of Jack Davey, I had to give her her trendsetting limit-pushing credit.

J*Davey is a music duo whose music is a combination of alternative hip-hop, punk, rock, soul and R&B. But what originally drew me to their music was Jack Davey’s hair, which might I add, she has rocked in the same style sine 2006!!!. I give credit where it is due. J*Davey, this post is dedicated to you. Sorry you weren’t famous enough to be recognized for your uniqueness before someone else was.

J*Davey plays with FIRE!

One Response to “Jack Davey Did it Before Cassie!”

  1. […] Is the word just getting out about the group, or am I just on top of my ish and they are LATE? Check out my previous post on J* Davey. […]

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