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The Eclectic Closet: Jasmin

Here is another Eclectic Closet feature…Jasmin Carmen Brown!

Jasmin is one of the most uniquely stylish individuals I know. Her inspiration is limitless, with a style that can never be classified or squeezed into the box of one specific genre. As an aspiring fashion designer, she is planting the seeds for a successful career.

Jasmin Main

“My style is unconventional. I ALWAYS wear what feels right to me. “I do what I want.” That’s my motto. The process rarely takes any thought at just happens. I believe it’s an art. Being an artist, my best paintings never take much deliberation…it’s so natural. We tend to mess things up when we think too much about them.

I breathe high waists. They definitely compliment my frame. Conversation/statement pieces are vital to my wardrobe.THE PERFECT BLOUSE with BELL SLEEVES. SEQUINS. GOLD. BOLD COLORS. TEXTURE, LOTS OF IT!! GLITSY ITEMS MAKE ME MELT. All quite EXPRESSIVE OF MY PERSONALITY. I have a very modest attitude about most things in regard to my personal/physical aesthetics but I like to think that my sense of fashion speaks out louder than my reserved composure (at times).

A “classic” look if you will, simply meaning, “Jasmin’s look” which encompasses a wide range of styles. I like to push the envelope. MY FLARE IS EVERLASTING AND PRESENT IN ANY FIT I PUT TOGETHER NO MATTER THE OCCASION.”–Jasmin Carmen Brown


5 Responses to “The Eclectic Closet: Jasmin”

  1. Jasmin I love you!!!

  2. my respect to her for being a designer though i do not like her stle much.

  3. baby seal has a great eye for coordination. i love your statement peices- they inspire me 🙂

  4. I love this !!! she looks great **
    HIP !!!!

  5. Thank you!

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