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Don't deny yourself pleasure today because of what you don't yet know about the future. Play with fire.

Lady Gaga Before & After

Lady Gaga…when she was “regular.” LOL

I love Lady Gaga. Many may not understand her or think that she is a bit crazy, but I find her intriguing concepts and controversial outfits thought provoking and refreshing. Lady Gaga is a trained pianist, singer, and song-writer who says that she appreciates fashion as a part of performance as an art. She has a team called the Haus of Gaga that builds, makes, and constructs all of her intricate stage props and clothing.

“Whether she is understood or misunderstood, Lady Gaga is a trail-blazer and definitely plays with fire.”–FIRE

Lady GaGa Before




Here is Lady Gaga AFTER. She has not only re-invited herself, but some would say, she has re-invented the pop music culture with her unusual style.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Lady Gaga


12 Responses to “Lady Gaga Before & After”

  1. 🙂 great post. i dont think shes reinvented her style, i just think shes gotten more money to further it (since she says the current her has always been her). its amazing what money can do…*getting off the comp to look for a job*

  2. thanks for putting lady gaga on your blog

    i LOVE

    HER 🙂

  3. i like the picture you found of her…very lady gaga-esque!

  4. LMAO her ass dont even look like the same person…
    quite amazing what a bleach coloring and some enticing shades can do for ones image !

  5. i agree with cheese… shes probably very much the same but feels more free because she is already successful. not to mention that i would argue that her controversial outfits propel her to greater success bc of the uzz she creates and the niche she has created for herself

  6. I would agree with Morgy and Tiye…more money equals more opportunities to push style limits. But after some research and learning about her “team of fabulous gays” lol…the Haus of Gaga…their ideas and imagination have truely if not re-invented her, then discovered the direction of her style. A very interesting article shown to me by one of my pop journalism teachers described the influence of her cage around her head when she sat down on The Ellen show…she credits her team for all of their limit pushing ideas…and prides herself on not even wearing things from the couture runway…all items are thought of, constructed, and invented by her team. Their minds are pretty much amazing lol

  7. I love Lady Gaga she is fearless, never afraid to try anything at least once. I like to think of myself the same way.

    LMAO Morgan — “getting off the comp to look for a job” I hope you find us both high paying employment.

    In addition those thigh high nude and black boots almost gave me palpitations of the heart…can we say IN love ….wait I think we have fallen. AGREED. 🙂

  8. i love however lady gaga looks. she is still sexy!

  9. Lady Gaga is awesome. I know her songs Poker Face, Bad Romance, Paparazzi, Just Dance + Telephone which she does with Beyonce(Who I love to)

  10. used to argue the creative stuff, opens up more possibilities for others, but the fact is it was happening despite her, she just jumped in at the right time.

    all she does is copy other people. no correction she gets OTHER people[she has this “team” called the “haus of gaga”] to copy other people and takes credit for it. and then when people stylise any other performer a bit creatively they claim that they copied gaga, and gaga’s new video just tops it for me.

    avant garde was term used for forward thinkers, artists and poets who brought about the russian revolution, and now she uses it to sell herself and cds

    shes just some little rich girl who thinks of herself as a god and exploits other peoples hard work, art and culture to try and form some unbreakable notion shes creative

    and just at the point when technology was trying to free music and open it up to everyone, she uses every art page in history to catch peoples attention to make them believe its “new” and “innovative”, i used to enjoy her. but not after this new shit alexandro or whatever

    personally im not religious so i didnt mind the nun outfit. whatever. whoopi goldberg did it in the 90s. but taking eastern europe’s culture like that; of hardship and desire for a better future, to misuse that/ to twist that into something vulgar and take credit for the artistry? taking their struggles, what made their identity and turn it into a pop song? its fucked up.

    id love to see her go through actual emotional/physical pain and not just glamorize shit like homicide.

    bottom line: she is an example of everything that is wrong with western society.

  11. wow lady gaga

  12. Lady Gaga and everyone around her make a great team! People behind her, no matter how talented they are or how clever, inventive or brave with styles they are, wouldn´t be where they are now without Lady herself with her talents, courage, etc. And ofcourse vice versa. Perfect match 🙂

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