Playing With Fire
Don't deny yourself pleasure today because of what you don't yet know about the future. Play with fire.

A Moment with Mommy :-)

Mommy“Thanks Syd for giving me my props. I always thought my buying you guys all those “quirky” outfits as kids inspired Kelcie’s eclectic style. I searched long and hard to find unique outfits for you. I love you Kelcie and I’m so impressed and proud of your blog.” -Momsy

I love my mom. She randomly posted this comment on my blog. I didn’t even know she had seen it! My mom is theeee most stylish woman I know. She rocks MAC cyber on the regular and has donned the short haircut wayyy before it was the chic “in” thing to do :-). Me and my sister used to wear the most interesting clothes and we would get compliments by everyone about our colorful ensembles lol.

My mother is an ambitious woman, who has instilled that in both my sister and I. She is a practicing lawyer, sports fanatic, animal lover, understanding mom, open-minded woman, and a philanthropist (volunteers at the animal shelter). Basically the ideal woman. Love you momsy!

The Girls


4 Responses to “A Moment with Mommy :-)”

  1. That’s an awesome post! She’s an amazing lady – and it helps that she loves on of my favorite lipsticks too – tell her to look at my blog (shameless plug) haha!!

    HI MOM!

  2. Wow!! I love this! Lol @ Anna’s plug.

  3. so adorable

  4. You are absolutely right about your mom and dad, they are great. Take care sweetie.

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