Playing With Fire
Don't deny yourself pleasure today because of what you don't yet know about the future. Play with fire.

Melanie Fiona’s “Subway Series”

Melanie Fiona SimpleMelanie Fiona, the soulful songstress from Canada.  Her 1st single “Give it to Me Right” was released  early this year and she has since took off. Her debut album, titled The Bridge, will be hitting stores this Fall. The album will be released on iTunes today!!!

Growing up in a Guyanese household, music has always been a part of Melanie’s life. Her father was a guitarist in a band and her mom loved big vocals. Melanie chooses not to define her music with one genre; but instead mixes new hip-hop and R&B with old school soul, a little reggae and a lot of sass. She is also an accomplished song-writer, and wrote a song on Rhianna’s last album.

Melanie Fiona Bow TieBut now to the point of this post…well the reason I felt compelled to let Melanie Fiona come play with FIRE :-). On youtube I saw Melanie’s “Subway Series,” which has the songstress going around the subways of New York City and performing her songs with amazing underground talent, literally. Her voice is absolutely amazing. During a time in entertainment where talent isn’t necessarily required anymore, Melanie offers real, raw vocals.


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