Playing With Fire
Don't deny yourself pleasure today because of what you don't yet know about the future. Play with fire.

Gaga Over Lady Gaga

All Wrapped UpI am just gaga over Lady Gaga as she continues to reign supreme in the entertainment industry through controversy, extremism, and creativity.

Lady Gaga was recently featured in the September issue of Out Magazine.  In the photos  for the feature, Lady Gaga channels 50s horror movies to create a unique spread of photos. Photographer Ellen von Unwerth said she was influenced by Frankenstein’s bride meeting a sexy vampire and in turn becoming one herself. (Mmm..Fire :-)).

In her feature, Lady Gaga talks about living the glamorous life, her dedication to the gay community, and when the fame monster was born. She talks about her meager beginnings and how she arose from an unknown grave when she decided to push the limits during a small show where no one even noticed she was onstage; she took off her clothes during a piano selection to grab the audience’s attention. She performed the remainder of the show in her fish-nets, bra, and panties… this spontaneity awoken the fame monster.

“My whole life is a performance. I have to up the ante everyday.” –Lady Gaga

Check out some more of the photos from the feature! They are amazing!


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