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Kelis Lives On!

Kelis Colorful Eyes

With all of the negative coverage of Kelis, her divorce, and her monetary request from her ex-husband Nas…I really felt the need to help us all remember that Kelis was at one point and still is in my eyes, the shit! lol.

I recently saw a picture of Kelis with her new baby on the blogs rocking an amazing mullet! At that moment, I had an inkling of  hope that Kelis was on her way back to being the trend-setter she once was!  Many have forgotten Kelis and her trend-setting ways….Remember when she first cut her hair off when she returned to the spotlight with Bossy? So many girls ran out to get the Kelis cut, which might I mention looks very similar to the copyrighten Rhianna cut lol…For all of my real Kelis fans who have been there since her first album Kaleidoscope, I know you can feel me when I say, I hope Kelis returns and gives Rhi Rhi, Bey, Amber Rose and even Lady Gaga some fresh competition.

Let’s take a little look back at the  evolution of Kelis 🙂


Kelis 1stCurly SueKelis Black and White

Kelis MainKelis-SliverKelis-Speaker

5 Responses to “Kelis Lives On!”

  1. oh yes i agree kelis is one of the few originals out there; she puts the edge in edgy- she puts the origin in orginal…only she could rock blue and pink and whatever have you hair and look good

  2. You know she will.

    I’m so tired of Rihanna & Lady GaGa. I need Kelis to come back

  3. I love to find other Kelis lovers.
    Nice blog by the way!

  4. […] Check out my first post on Kelis a couple of months ago here. […]

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