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Final Product: Make-up by Anna Miya

Here is the final product for the shoot I did with up and coming make-up artist Anna Miya for her website !!! The theme for the shoot was Fall with the perfect Fall lip-color. For make-up, Anna wanted the focus of the make-up to be on the lip color. She used dramatic eyelashes and defined my eyebrows to give my eyes intensity and drama.

I really enjoyed doing the shoot. We had so much fun, with the occasional piece of dirt or wet leaf in my eye lol. I am not model and do not aspire to be one, but I must say these pics are not too bad if I do say so myself :-).

The photos were taking by amazing photographer Lauren Cowart. Be sure to check out more of her work at

P.S. Yes I do have on a real fur, but Anna made me do it! lol…I hate fur and I do not wear it, but I would do anything for the love of art.

Anna Miya Make-Up1Black and White

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2 Responses to “Final Product: Make-up by Anna Miya”

  1. haha i love this post.. it made me laugh!! Go team go!

  2. […] a darker side to her work. You guys may remember the Fall Lip Color shoot I did for her. If not, click here to check it […]

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