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Don't deny yourself pleasure today because of what you don't yet know about the future. Play with fire.

Ebony Down to the Bones

Ebony all the way down to the bones. Ebony Bones is a self-taught, British-born musician.  One day in 2007, she  anonymously uploaded music onto a MySpace page and from there, here career took off.  Bones wrote and produced her own music and played all of her own instruments.

Her self-released single We Know All About You, was created in her bedroom using beer bottles, pans, and woks for percussion. News quickly spread through word of mouth about this new artist and soon after, she became the most played unsigned singer on British radio. Before releasing any records, she was booked in the U.S. to perform in New York at Barack Obama’s concert held at The MacCarren Park Pool. In 2009, she released her self-produced album Bone of My Bones. Ebony is seen regularly at music festivals around the world.

I love her unusual style and her electronic sound mixed with African influence. She is definitely someone to watch.

Check out Ebony Bones live performing her song Muzik! Her energy is amazing, not to mention her band is just as eclectic as she is.


One Response to “Ebony Down to the Bones”

  1. […] I love this photo of this eccentric songstress. A few months ago I did a little post on Ms. Bones and her music. Check it out here–”Ebony Down the the Bones.” […]

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