Playing With Fire
Don't deny yourself pleasure today because of what you don't yet know about the future. Play with fire.


Individuality at its finest! Check out me and photographer AV Fernandez in the Black Collection clothing line’s Individual Campaign. Being that we are strong supporters of individuality, we were eager to be a part of Black Collection’s movement.

I was just a spectator that ran into a spur of the moment shoot. Thanks Black Collection!

AV was the original spokesmodel for the launch of the campaign. Go girl! lol. She is the epitome of an individual.


An “INDIVIDUAL” is defined as “the separate distinction from others that are of the same kind”. In an era where people forget who they are because of various situations, we are here to reinforce the importance of being confident with yourself. The mission of this campaign is to spread the idea, concept, and belief that it’s perfectly fine to live your lifestyle and be you (Individual). We want to spread the notion that it is right to; live free, love life, and cool to be whatever you want to be. Everyday people no longer exist due to the search of validation from others, the media, internal, and external forces. We will shed light on that inappropriate way of thinking, and challenge people to break traditional thinking. We challenge everybody to live free, self- validate, and illustrate “INDIVIDUALITY”–Black Collection

Check out Black Collection Merchandise here.


2 Responses to “Individuality!”

  1. Yay BC! lol I just noticed that I have her picture, the curly hair girl, featured on my blog… shes GORGEOUS and extremely photogenic.

    I still adore your blog…

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