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Mila’s Favorites: The SEV

Hi my fire fighters :-)! I have something a little new for you. Here is the FIRST contributed feature post by one of my favorite creative minds, Miss Mila Morgasm.

If you are into mainstream, mediocrity, and are a resident of the land without imagination, you may want to skip this post. Chloe Sevigny wouldn’t fit into ANY of those categories.

Born and raised in Darien, Connecticut, aka one of the most affluent towns in the U.S., she desired some FIRE in her life. During her senior year of high school she shaved her head, turned 18 and moved to New York, where she had a lucky break and was actually DISCOVERED. One of the fashion editors of the once thriving, magazine Sassy discovered her in the East Village because of her killer style and gave her a job as an intern. And so it had begun…

Chloe is a sort of…treasure. She has that special je ne sais quoi about her. She isn’t afraid to be who she is and do what she wants. She’s modeled, been a spokeswoman for MAC cosmetics, created clothing lines, mostly consisting of vintage-inspired looks, and of course most notably, she is known for being one of the Indie film queens of our generation.

And being an Indie queen means she is not afraid to push the limit. She’s played an HIV positive teenage skateboarder in “Kids”, the love interest of a motorcyclist who she performs (real live close up) fellatio on in “Brown Bunny”, and the 2nd  wife of a polygamist on the Showtime show “Big Love”, (just to give a few of the dozens of controversial roles she’s taken on. Pretty much if you haven’t already, GET INTO MISS CHLOE 🙂

—-Contributed by Mila Morgasm (Be sure to follow this lovely chica at

Check out some more photos of Chloe!


One Response to “Mila’s Favorites: The SEV”

  1. yes yes i love her very quirky with her style but it always looks radicool on her

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