Playing With Fire
Don't deny yourself pleasure today because of what you don't yet know about the future. Play with fire.

New Year’s Eve, We’re Burning Up!

So guess where I heated up a very cold winter night?? NYC ofcourse!  I spent my New Year’s Eve in a stretch limo, beyond tipsy with my bestie and favorites Nyne, Anna, Avanti, DJ, Lou, and Cupcake. Nyne let us dwell in her casa in Harlem, NY and we took the night and the morning 🙂

After some upsetting drama with the limo company, my Cupcake took matters into her hands and ended up getting us a low-priced stretch limo for the night. Kudos to her for saving the day! We drank, we dressed, we partied, we lived.

So here are the pictures of how we brought in 2010, and it was something quite beautiful. It began humbly and grew in magnitude as the night progressed. We sipped on personal bottles of Moet (don’t judge it was New Year’s lol), Anna our make-up artist made us beautiful, we threw on things that shine and glow, and we stumbled out into the night :-). I was able to spend it with some of those that are closest to me, something that is always a blessing.

Be sure to check out more pictures at



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