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M.I.A. Gives Us a Taste of Her New Music!

So my girl M.I.A. gave us a little hint of her new music via her twitter page!

She recently posted her new song titled Space Odyssey. Originally it was believed that the title of the song was There is Space for Ol Dat I See, but this was a mistake. According to one of my favorite blogger, Jennifer Brix, M.I.A. composed the song in response to an article in The New York Post, listing Sri Lanka as one of the top places to go.

After reading the article, I can definitely see that the newspaper presents the country as  an beautiful and lush place that should be idolized. M.I.A., with her always present political and social vigor,  countered this portrayal of  her native country by posting pictures of injured children and the hardships of the nation.

Thanks Jennifer! Glad I got all of the facts before I posted on the video :-). Anywho check out M.I.A’s new song and be sure to internalize the lyrics as you listen my internet intellects.

Also be sure to check out my previous post on M.I.A here. I just love a popular artist of substance.

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2 Responses to “M.I.A. Gives Us a Taste of Her New Music!”

  1. Thanks so much! Love the post =)

  2. im actually not really feeling this song but im excited for her new album cuz she said she was gonna sing more! yay

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