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V Magazine’s Ode to Plus Size Models

And here is another feature contributed my favorite creative mind, Mila Morgasm.  V Magazine does a spread with plus size models.

KISS MY FAT ASS!”  yelled the always eloquent (lol) Tyra Banks.  Once another rail thin model, 2007 saw a new, curvier Tyra.  She had already retired from modeling, had 2 successful TV shows, a slew of other projects, and she was quite frankly “feeling her beat.” Not surprisingly though, the media heavily (no pun intended) scrutinized her.  Tyra wasn’t obese!  She wasn’t even fat! She was simply more voluptuous. Yet in the forever judgmental world of Hollywood, she had “let herself go.”

Why does this happen so often? Hasn’t it already been brought to light that situations like this can end up horribly? In the fashion industry, to be specific, it is no secret that some women (& men) will do WHATEVER it takes to be successful. Some have the mentality of  “No eating? No problem. After all, money can satisfy hunger.” BULLSHIT.

2010. Another year. 365 days to bring about change. Baby steps. V magazine seems to agree. Recently, they did a spread  titled Curves Ahead,  photographed by Solve Sundsbo featuring some of the sexiest models out there. & they were ALL plus sized. The models, Candice Huffine, Marquita Pring, Michelle Olson, Tara Lynn, Kasia P, put themselves all the way out there …& they couldn’t have done a better job.– Mila Morgasm”


2 Responses to “V Magazine’s Ode to Plus Size Models”

  1. i tyotally love this article! and i LOVE the way you write.

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