Playing With Fire
Don't deny yourself pleasure today because of what you don't yet know about the future. Play with fire.

Artist Spotlight: Matisyahu

So while I was riding in the car with AV,  I skimmed through her ipod and found the name of an artist that looked quite interesting. Being my inquisitive self, I clicked on the artist to hear some of his music and was shocked and fascinated!

Matisyahu, which is his Hebrew name, is a Jewish reggae musician! He blends traditional Jewish themes with reggae. And let me just say, he is soo tight! It may sound crazy, but his perfection of the reggae sound is almost scary. There are many youtube clips of him covering Bob Marley classics and killing it, all while exuding his traditional Hebrew look and energy. I will note that he is American born from New York City, so he does have some flavor in him. 🙂

Check out this song called, A King Without a Crown! You have to appreciate real talent, no matter where it comes from. Matisyahu is definitely one of my new favorites.


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