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Don't deny yourself pleasure today because of what you don't yet know about the future. Play with fire.

Model Nyne in Time Out Magazine!

Model Nyne is on FIRE!! This little mama is destined for greatness.

Check out her recent feature in Time Out Magazine! In the issue, Nyne is listed as one of the top 55 best dressed New Yorkers. Nyne’s style, personality, and colorful energy is exuded through her personal style. Make-up for the shoot was done by Anna Miya ( be sure to check out her website here).

Here is what Nyne said during the shoot:

Zewiditu Jewel Ruffin, 21, lifestyle blogger, owner of Nyne Lyves (, and student; Harlem

Her style: “A hyperbole of question marks within the Crimson Sun, i.e., always unexpected.”

Her inspirations: “My Nana, mother, Mary-Kate, Lisa Bonet, Edie Sedgwick and my bestie, Mila.”

Favorite local stores: “American Apparel, Cheap Jack’s Vintage Clothing and Screaming Mimi’s.”

Favorite local designers: “Tabiabue Bonney of Bonney Runway (, Jasmin Brown and Aminah Mussa.”

The greatest dresser of all time: “Me.”


One Response to “Model Nyne in Time Out Magazine!”

  1. Nyne is firing up NYC even as the snow falls. Next stop

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