Playing With Fire
Don't deny yourself pleasure today because of what you don't yet know about the future. Play with fire.

20 Years Together!

Hey my fire fighters! So I was quite solemn last week and didn’t really feel like blogging. My Momsy let me know that our cat Chako, that we had for 20 years passed in her sleep.

But as I sit here and think about all the great moments we shared, I decided to let her live on through my blog, embedding her in the world wide web for eternity.

Now Chako was not any old cat. I think that this is important to clarify for you non-cat lovers lol. (I love all animals fyi). But like most of my friends can tell you, she had so much personality. Chako would speak when spoken to, and with me, would hold whole conversations! Chako was quite a Queen. Sometimes my Mom would treat her better than my sister and I…lol. If you left her outside too long or did not pay enough attention to her, she would follow you around the house cursing you out! lol.

To make Chako’s 20 years with my family a short story, she was the best pet ever! She was fun, crazy, and lived like a queen. I don’t even remember what it was like with her not around. She has always been there.  Cats do not normally live for 20 years, but Chako held on until she finally felt like her love for us was maximized.

Here is my ode to you!


3 Responses to “20 Years Together!”

  1. That’s was the best eulogy for Chako. It brought tears to my eyes. Just so you know, your Dad, Syd & I had a little service for Chako and buried her next to Rainbo.

  2. Nice piece Kelc…and you even had pics of you and Chako. I emailed your eulogy to Chako in her new resting place. She smiled when she read it.

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