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Re-Post, New Artist Alert: Paloma Faith

Paloma Faith Dark Lips

This singer and specifically this video have remained my favorite post on my blog out of all my post for the last six months. It was originally published in October, but I love her sound so much I had to re-post it!

So I was reading  Nylon Magazine and ran across this soul-indie-pop singer Paloma Faith. At the moment, I didn’t pay any attention to the mention, just noted that I really liked her interesting look.

Later on that night I was listening to my Adele, Corraine Baily Rae, Etta James (ish) station on Pandora and Paloma came up!! It figured that if I liked this type of music then I would like Paloma’s soulful voice too. It was so random and a little bit eerie lol. I am the type of person that takes things as a sign, and this was definitely a sign. So I introduce you to Paloma Faith!

After researching Paloma a little, I found out that she is quite an interesting performer. Her previous careers in entertainment include; a magician’s assistant, burlesque dancer, and theatrical performer. Paloma,  a half-Spanish half-British singer, puts on incredible live shows with vocals to back up her style and theatrics.

Check out a little video of Paloma singing live, its amazing! Also be sure to check out her video New York.

2 Responses to “Re-Post, New Artist Alert: Paloma Faith”

  1. Paloma Faith is also an amazing singer to watch. Despite her failure in the charts, I think that she really deserves to succeed since she’s got a sweet and original voice. Her musical style is different from the electro-pop trend and I do think this is a good thing. There’s something substantive about her character : she’s not a simple dolly. Besides I hope she’ll keep her classy image for her second to come.

  2. You put me on! I willing fall for Paloma Faith. I’m still stunned by my Pandora playlist never blessing my ears with this soulful/pop voice.

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