Playing With Fire
Don't deny yourself pleasure today because of what you don't yet know about the future. Play with fire.

Historical Artistic FIRE…

While browsing the world wide web,  photographer Helmut Newton ran across my computer screen. This encouraged me to pay a little artistic vintage homage!

Helmut Newton was an German-Australian fashion photographer. Newton’s vision and photographic style stemmed from his life of discrimination and travel. After falling victim to the Nazi regime in Germany and spending some time in a concentration camp, he eventually escaped political terrorism and landed in Australia.

Once his photography career took off, he went on to work for Australian and British Vogue as well as Harper’s Bazaar and many other publications. The highlights of his career were during the post WW II years. His work is characterized as erotic, urban, and stylized.

Check out a few of his amazing vintage flicks!

Dedicated to two amazing up and coming photographers,  AV Fernandez and Lauren Cowart.


One Response to “Historical Artistic FIRE…”

  1. What a sweet find Kelcie!! His work tells stories and captures fashion at the same time… the best kind of fashion photography there is! Wow.. I’m obsessed! haha

    Love these pics as well:

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