Playing With Fire
Don't deny yourself pleasure today because of what you don't yet know about the future. Play with fire.

Photos by Moi

Hey fire fighters! Here are a few pics where I (FIRE) was behind the lens! 🙂

So my favorite ladies of Premiere Entertainment have come onto the D.C. party scene with a bang! They have thrown four amazing and successful nightlife events where fun and entertainment are not in short supply.

Avanti, Tonya, and Faith are always behind the scenes making things happen, but for the month of June, it was time for photographer AV to step in front of the camera. Her birthday is June 10th and the upcoming party will be a celebration for her born-day.

This is where I come in. I got the opportunity to take the pictures for the flyer! Not only is Avanti an amazing and beautiful model, but the energy the photos exude is perfectly aligned with her amazing personal energy.

Check out a few more photos from the shoot!

Also. Be sure to visit their blog for more details on everything Premiere.


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