Playing With Fire
Don't deny yourself pleasure today because of what you don't yet know about the future. Play with fire.

More M.I.A–Nylon Magazine!

Here are more updates on MIA!

She will be gracing the cover of the June/July edition of Nylon Magazine.  Although MIA has always been vocal about her political and human rights opinions, she has never really delved into her fashion sense. In the interview with Nylon, she discusses her style,  her vision, and her life changing encounter with Tupac Shakur.

“I thought being different was a bad thing, but then I realized it was just different because it hadn’t been done before.”–MIA

Check out more pictures from the feature!


One Response to “More M.I.A–Nylon Magazine!”

  1. Maya sure is a stunner! She’s a big player in exposing the lies present in MainstreamMedia :::

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