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Re-post, Lykke Li!

Lykke Li8

Hey fire fighters! Here is my 2nd re-post. This post was published nine months ago! Wow, it seems like I haven’t had my blog that long. Check out my re-post on Lykke Li. I still love her indie sound.

Lykke Li is another one of my favorites! Many R&B and hip-hop followers first saw/heard Lykke Li when Drake sampled her song “Little Bit” on his break-through mixtape, So Far Gone. However, Lykke Li’s single was a huge cross-over hit before Drake sampled the track.

A 23-year-old Swedish indie singer, her first album, Youth Novels,  was released in 2008. Lykke Li is currently working on her 2nd album.

Remember you saw it here first on Playing With Fire!! Although she is not widely-known right now, Lykke Li is the next big thing!

Here is the video for “Little Bit.” Be sure to check out some of Lykke Li’s other songs. One of my personal favorites is “I’m good, I’m gone.”


3 Responses to “Re-post, Lykke Li!”

  1. love love love im good im gone- i think it mightve been my fave jr yr first semester. i also love lykke- there is a great interview of her with this crazy canadian personality on modis site- you should check it out (that is if you havent already)

  2. Lykke Li is amazing, one of my favorite is Dance, Dance, Dance

  3. I think I saw it a while ago Tiyeness…but I want to look again! lol
    O yess Dance Dance Dance and Tonight are other favs too-Meshaka..p.s. I checked out ur blog…and I love it…its soo unique 🙂

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