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Re-post, The Electronic Lyricist: Uffie

Uffie Sheer

Originally posted in November 2009.

So I was hanging out with my favorites Justin and Tiffany a couple of days ago, and Justin was playing a playlist of his favorite songs. (Some of which were Country songs…lol.) Anywho, Justin played this song called “Pop the Glock” by Uffie, and I LOVED IT! It was electro-pop, synthesizing mixed with hip-hop. So being the little researchers that we are, we decided to look up the face behind this unique and catchy voice. <—This is what we found…One firey little mama!!

Uffie is an American born artist that is based in Paris. Her debut album, Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans, will be released early in 2010. Her upcoming album will have songs produced by and featuring Pharrell Williams *blushes.*

Uffie Cuite Pie Uffie Leotard

Check out Uffie’s video to Pop the Glock! It’s random and quirky just like her sound…


3 Responses to “Re-post, The Electronic Lyricist: Uffie”

  1. this video and artist is new to me. thanks for introducing us!

    vid is chaa rayy zeee!

  2. AIRRR haha…good post. i’m going to listen now. i took a break from my first of 4 papers…all due tomorrow….. :-\

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