Playing With Fire
Don't deny yourself pleasure today because of what you don't yet know about the future. Play with fire.

Artistic Fire: Imani Shanklin Roberts

Hey Fire Fighters! This past weekend, one of my favorite artistic prodigies had an art show. Although I couldn’t make it, I definitely wanted to feature some of the amazing pieces on Playing With Fire.

Imani Shanklin Roberts goes to the Pratt Institute where she majors in Art Education.  Her works motto is:

“Bringing life to life that already exists through charcoal and oil..her medium… but the impact isn’t..its huge..and the difference isn’t…its none..there is no difference between the life she draws, paints, and the life there is…she is an artist…you are the creator…the combination is unbelievable..”

You can purchase prints of Imani’s firey work! Imani can also be commissioned for one-of-a kind pieces, and portraits of babies in charcoal (shown below). Contact Imani at:



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