Playing With Fire
Don't deny yourself pleasure today because of what you don't yet know about the future. Play with fire.

The Sidewalk Runway, Part Six

Hey fire fighters! It’s been a while, but it is time for a little street fashion. 🙂

Here is part six (pronounced sees in french) of The Sidewalk Runway. Again, I will be paying homage to a little individuality and clean style I like. These street fashionistas look natural in their attire. They are eclectic yet do not look like an extreme amount of effort was put into their daily look. Not over-doing it, but doing it just right.

<–I love this sheer skirt! it is sexy but still appears demure worn with the over-sized blazer and shirt. The head wrap with the feather adds the cherry on top of a delicious look.

If you want to be featured in The Sidewalk Runway, send a pic to

Check out a few more of this week’s favorites!





2 Responses to “The Sidewalk Runway, Part Six”

  1. love the first look. CUUUUUUUUhhh-razy, in the midst of creating a sheer, dress like thAng for a client of mines for a shooooooooot.

    loVe these looks though:)

  2. love the third look, the one withthe girl in camel colored boots and mixed prints…so lively!

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