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Don't deny yourself pleasure today because of what you don't yet know about the future. Play with fire.

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Platforms: Stack Them HIGH!

April 5, 2011

Love these shoes! Advertisements

More Inspiration: The Vintage West

March 28, 2011

Inspiration: 70s, Hippies, & Rugged Chic

March 25, 2011

Mila & Fire Chitting & Chatting!

March 21, 2011

Hey guys!! Mila & Fire Vintage has a new homepage. Check it out !!! Below is a little video we made before going out to a Premiere Entertainment party! 🙂

Diplo X Sia X Vintage 80s Soul-Train Line

March 7, 2011

I love love love this video! Diplo is one of my favorite producers and DJs. I love how Clap Your Hands-Diplo X Sia is juxtaposed against this funky vintage video. And of course I LOVE the outfits! Let’s dance! 🙂 Thanks DJ Mane Squeeze for sharing! You knew I would fall in love with this. […]

I could LIVE in jean cut-offs….

February 25, 2011

Photo of the Day: Mila & Fire at the Flea Market

January 27, 2011

This past weekend, Mila & Fire Vintage had its first booth at a Flea Market! We set up our little section at the flea market on 9th & U Street in D.C. It was one of the coldest days I have experienced this winter (lol), but we were excited to see all our vintage lovers […]

Photos of the Day: Model Rose Cordero

January 4, 2011

New Menswear: Mila & Fire Vintage!!!

December 3, 2010

Hey Fire Fighters!! We have some exciting news! Mila & Fire Vintage just launched its menswear items! We have finally expanded to unisex attired. 🙂 Check out pictures of some of our menswear below! You can check them out on–>> Mila & Fire Vintage

The RAVE!!

December 3, 2010

Check out a few pictures from Premiere DC’s RAVE: Peace, Love, & Party! Be sure to see others on

Vintage Sale! Mila & Fire Vintage

November 26, 2010

All of our sale items are $10 or less! Go green, shop vintage, and have one of a kind pieces for an amazing price! 25+ items are on sale! Check out the vintage duds here—>

New Vintage Goodies!

November 18, 2010

Hey fire fighters and vintage lovers! Check out some of the new goodies we currently have posted on Mila & Fire Vintage! There is a diverse selection of pieces for gals with very different styles. Check them out –> Mila & Fire Vintage