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Oh Land- Sun Of A Gun

March 7, 2011

This is what I listened to all day long. This was the mood I was in. 🙂 XOXO, FIRE Advertisements

Go Baby, Go Baby Go

September 23, 2010

Hello hello…how do you do? I have something to share…as if that were something new. I am in the mood for a Noisettes music break. What about you? When I first began this blog, my 2nd post was on the musical trio, The Noisettes. (see the post here). Well here is part deux. I love […]

Re-post, The Electronic Lyricist: Uffie

June 23, 2010

Originally posted in November 2009. So I was hanging out with my favorites Justin and Tiffany a couple of days ago, and Justin was playing a playlist of his favorite songs. (Some of which were Country songs…lol.) Anywho, Justin played this song called “Pop the Glock” by Uffie, and I LOVED IT! It was electro-pop, […]

Re-post, Lykke Li!

June 18, 2010

Hey fire fighters! Here is my 2nd re-post. This post was published nine months ago! Wow, it seems like I haven’t had my blog that long. Check out my re-post on Lykke Li. I still love her indie sound. Lykke Li is another one of my favorites! Many R&B and hip-hop followers first saw/heard Lykke […]

Re-Post, New Artist Alert: Paloma Faith

April 23, 2010

This singer and specifically this video have remained my favorite post on my blog out of all my post for the last six months. It was originally published in October, but I love her sound so much I had to re-post it! So I was reading  Nylon Magazine and ran across this soul-indie-pop singer Paloma […]

The Shark in the Water, VV Brown

April 12, 2010

Hey my fire fighters! So my love Fernando put me on to VV Brown and she has since stolen my heart! This English singer and song writer, whose real name is Vaneesa, is half Jamaican and Puerto Rican. She has sung for the majority of her life and was even asked by P. Diddy to […]

Prince Has New Music!!

March 4, 2010

Hey my favorite fire fighters! Here is something I saw recently on the net. Prince has new music!! If you remember my previous post about Prince, then you know I love him! If you have not seen it, check it out here. Here is his new song called Cause and Effect. I am honestly not […]

Artist Spotlight: Matisyahu

February 8, 2010

So while I was riding in the car with AV,  I skimmed through her ipod and found the name of an artist that looked quite interesting. Being my inquisitive self, I clicked on the artist to hear some of his music and was shocked and fascinated! Matisyahu, which is his Hebrew name, is a Jewish […]

New and Bulletproof, La Roux

January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!! Here is some new music for you beautiful people! I am blogging from Nyne’s apartment in Harlem, NY on January 1, 2010, as my Cupcake Lauren looks over my shoulder :-). One day as I was randomly browsing Kanye’s blog, I ran across an artist named La Roux and loved her music and style!  […]

Amy, Come Back to Us!

December 4, 2009

Ok, so I am having a missing Amy Winehouse moment. I know what you are thinking. Based on all of the recent press on her, why would I miss a drunk addicted, aneroxic, ex-star? lol. Well I will tell you why.  Before her life was on a downward spiral, she was absolutely amazing. Her soulful […]

Ebony Down to the Bones

December 1, 2009

Ebony all the way down to the bones. Ebony Bones is a self-taught, British-born musician.  One day in 2007, she  anonymously uploaded music onto a MySpace page and from there, here career took off.  Bones wrote and produced her own music and played all of her own instruments. Her self-released single We Know All About […]

Kelis Lives On!

November 13, 2009

With all of the negative coverage of Kelis, her divorce, and her monetary request from her ex-husband Nas…I really felt the need to help us all remember that Kelis was at one point and still is in my eyes, the shit! lol. I recently saw a picture of Kelis with her new baby on the […]